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H-9X28D Hydra Input / Output expander
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H-9X28D Hydra Input / Output expander

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The H-9X28D Hydra™ from MedeaWiz is an Input and Output expander for the Sprite® media players.  It adds multiple trigger inputs and outputs, a motion sensor input, DMX512 or MIDI control input. The Hydra connects to the Sprite's serial port with the included 3.5mm 4-pole jack lead.  This connection also supplies power to the Hydra.

The Hydra's factory default setting is Mode 1. This enables 9 push button inputs plus a motion sensor input and 8 outputs. The first 8 inputs will play files named 001 – 008. The motion sensor input will also play file 001. The 8 inputs are non-interruptible. This means that once a file is triggered it will play through to the end. Any other triggers on any of the other inputs during this time are ignored. The corresponding output 1 – 8 will be active while the file is playing.  This output can be used to turn on a LED in the switch or activate a relay, etc.  Input 9 will interrupt and force the Sprite back to the looping file named 000.

The Hydra allows you to control and play video and audio media files on the Sprite using your DMX512 controller. Multiple Sprite media players, each with a Hydra IO expander, can be independently addressed and controlled from a single DMX512 controller via a single daisy-chained DMX cable.

NEW!  All new Hydras shipped with V4.40 firmware featuring new modes specifically developed for games, escape rooms, puzzle-solving applications and MIDI control. See Hydra User Manual V4.40 for details.

Hydra User Manual available at Downloads

Sprite® and MedeaWiz® are Registered Trade Marks of MedeaWiz Inc.


Many pre-programmed and user selectable modes of operation including:

  • 9 trigger inputs with 8 sinking outputs (factory default setting)
  • 5 x 5 matrix for up to 25 trigger inputs
  • 3 x 4 keypad for up to 99 triggered files
  • DMX512 control for the Sprite up to 200 files - plus 8 individual sinking outputs
  • MIDI input (requires an adapter) to play up to 127 files from a MIDI keyboard or controller.
  • Can control 2 Sprites in some Modes
  • PIR motion sensor input with user selectable re-trigger delay time
  • Random triggers
  • Incremented step next / previous triggers
  • Trigger alternate looping files

Sprite® and MedeaWiz® are Registered Trade Marks of MedeaWiz Inc.


  • Industry-standard removable Phoenix-style screw terminal connectors - included with the Hydra.
  • PIC18F processor can be custom programmed for specific needs.
  • The Hydra is energy efficient using 5VDC power at an average of 15mA and is powered from the Sprite® media player.
  • Product Dimensions: 79mmW x 63mmD x 15.5mmH, 3.1"W x 2.5"D x 0.6"H.  Product Weight: 75gms, 2.7oz.
  • Packaged Dimensions: 90mmW x 90mmD x 28mmH, 3.5"W x 3.5"D x 1.1"H. Packaged Weight: 90gms, 3.2oz.
  • Certifications:    CE, FCC, RoHS, UKCA.   Certificates available on request.
  • Warranty       1-year RTB.

Hydra User Manual available at Downloads

Sprite® and MedeaWiz® are Registered Trade Marks of MedeaWiz Inc.

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