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8X78 Input expander board
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8X78 Input expander board

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The 8X78 is an input expander board for use with the Sprite® DV-S1 media player.

The 8X78 input expander board is equipped with a screw terminal strip and programmed to take up to 8 inputs and control up to 8 triggered files on the Sprite DV-S1 player. You can use push-buttons, dry contacts such as a relay, or logic-level voltage changes with a high-to-low transition trigger.

You can choose to allow an interrupt from a new trigger event, or not to allow an interrupt, by a jumper switch.

In Serial Control Mode you can have a looping (attract) video and control other videos to play on command. Once the commanded video ends, the looping video will play again until a new command is received.

The 8X78 board is powered by the Sprite over the included 3.5mm 4-pole plug-in 1m. lead.

8X78 User Manual and test media available at Downloads

To special order only:  The 8X78-25IN - a custom programmed version of the 8X78 that enables 25 push-button inputs on a 5x5 matrix to trigger and play 25 separate media files on the Sprite DV-S1.  Contact for price and lead-time.

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