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PB03 push-button switch assembly
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PB03 push-button switch assembly

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A rugged, IP-65 rated, 16mm stainless-steel push-button switch with normally-open contacts and 2m. of cable* for use with the Sprite® media players.

Connect a single PB03 push-button switch directly to the I/O port of a Sprite media player using the I/O adapter included with the player.

Connect up to 8 PB03 push-button switches to the 8 inputs of an 8x78 input expander board that connects to the I/O port of a Sprite media player.

Connect up to 9 PB03 push-button switches to the 9 inputs of a Hydra I/O expander module that connects to the I/O port of a Sprite media player.  25 PB03 push-button switches can be connected when the Hydra is set to a mode enabling a 5x5 input matrix.  See Hydra manual for more details.

The PB03 push-button contact's action is normally-open and momentarily closed. i.e. press to close, release to open.


Specifications and Dimensions:

Behind Panel Depth: 17mm
Contact Current DC Max: 50mA
Contact Resistance: 100mohm
Current Rating: 50mA
External Diameter: 18mm
External Length / Height: 23mm
IP / NEMA Rating: IP65
Insulation Resistance: 1000Mohm
No. of Electrical Operations: 1000000
Operating Temperature Max: 70°C
Operating Temperature Min: -30°C
Panel Cutout Diameter: 16mm
Panel Thickness Max: 6mm

*Longer cable length up to 10m. available to order.  Contact Sales for price and availability.



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