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Sprite® Serial Control

The Sprite® media players have, as standard, a bi-directional serial port.  This port enables the Sprite to be fully controlled by a PC, show-controller, PLC or any other device with a serial, RS232 communications port.    This feature makes the Sprite ideal for professional AV applications where video and audio media can be controlled precisely so it plays at the touch of a button or as part of a choreographed sequence in an automated presentation in museums, theatres, film and TV sets, art galleries, amusement rides and themed attractions.

Full details of the Sprite's serial port and the control codes are provided in the Sprite's User Manual from the Downloads page.

Any free-to-download serial communications software such as Terminal or HyperTerminal can be used to control the Sprite.  However those applications are generally very technical and require a good knowledge of serial / RS232 protocols and terminology.   Garland Digital has simplified most of that by producing a serial communications application called Sprite® Serial Control that runs under Windows 10 and is dedicated to controlling the Sprite.

Contact Sales for your copy of Sprite® Serial Control - free to customers of Garland Digital Ltd.

For a simple, easy connection of a Sprite® media player Serial I/O port to a PC's USB port use the DV-US1 USB-to-Serial adapter lead:







The DV-US1. Click on image for more details and to purchase.

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