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MedeaWiz Digital Media Players

Garland Digital is proud to distribute and support MedeaWiz products. MedeaWiz has been designing and producing low-cost digital media players for over 15 years.  Even today there are many of the original DV-66 and DV-68 media players still giving faultless service in museums, art galleries, entertainment venues, public and retail environments.

The current Sprite DV-S1 interactive HD media player is being recognised by AV professionals as a cost-effective solution in environments where more complex devices are difficult to set up and use and when a networked solution is not required.

The Sprite DV-S1 media player is perfect for simple stand-alone digital signage and information display applications where no remote updates are required.  A contact-closure and serial port is included for interactive applications ranging from a simple push-button activation to a complex presentation involving hundreds of media files sequenced and scheduled by a serial connected show controller.  The Sprite's tiny size and light weight enables it to be easily and discretely mounted on the back of a display screen or tucked away out of sight.  The Sprite is designed to play video and/or audio media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously and without fail.     

Sprite DV-S1 HD media player Sprite DV-S1 HD media player
The Sprite DV-S1, from MedeaWiz, is a low cost digital video and audio media player that plays HD video up to full 1080p…
£99.00 + VAT
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