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Recent Sprite Applications

Here is a selection of recent customers' applications where MedeaWiz Sprite media players have proved successful and reliable.  In all cases the Sprite players and their accessories have been easy to set up, install and use.  All products were supplied by MedeaWiz's authorised distributor, Garland Digital Ltd.

Crumlin Road Gaol Experience, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Audio-visual and lighting installation company Eclipse contracted Garland Digital to develop and supply an automated video and audio presentation system based on Sprite media players for their project at the Crumlin Road Gaol museum and visitor attraction in Belfast, NI.  The system consists of 4 custom programmed and interlinked Hydra I/O expanders controlling 4 Sprite DV-S1 media players, 3 automatic door openers and 2 lighting systems.  The primary Hydra accepts an input from a PIR motion sensor to trigger the start of the automated presentation sequence of opening prison cell doors, playing HD video and audio to a large portrait LCD screen located behind each door, closing each door, playing HD video to a projector and operating separate lighting systems at the beginning and end of the presentation.  The system is completely automatic requiring no operator intervention.  

Visitor Centre, Castle Drogo, Dartmoor, UK
Creative design company mdesign contracted Garland Digital to develop and supply an interactive video presentation system based on the Sprite media player for their installation project at Castle Drogo, Dartmoor, UK.  The system consists of 2 Sprite DV-S1 media players controlled by a single Hydra I/O expander unit.  The Hydra is custom programmed to accept inputs from a PIR motion sensor and to control 2 projectors driven by the 2 Sprite players playing in sync.  The system is completely automatic and energy efficient, requiring no operator intervention during the opening hours.  The Hydra shuts down the projectors at the end of the video presentation, then wakes them up again and starts the presentation when a visitor approaches the display.   Image courtesy mdesign

Interactive in-store retail marketing, UK
This Sprite and Hydra-based video player system installed in Vans' store in London's Oxford Street gets shoppers interacting with the products.  When one of the 3 Vans skateboarding shoes is lifted off the display cabinet a micro-switch under the shoe triggers the Sprite to interrupt the playing of the attract video and play the relevant video clip. At the end of playing the selected media file the system reverts to continuously playing the attract file.
Image courtesy of system integrator Windsor Displays Ltd.

Virtual Reality ride manufacturer, UK
Over 150 DV-S1 Sprite media players have been supplied by Garland Digital to a British designer and manufacturer of family-friendly virtual reality experience rides.  The Sprite media players drive HD video to virtual reality headsets worn by the adult and child riders.  The whole system, including the ride's 4D motion platform, wind generator, Sprite media players and operator functions, is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller

Halloween, Scare venues and Haunted attractions
The Sprite DV-S1 media player is perfect for playing scare videos from specialist media suppliers AtmosFx and others. Here 3 Sprites are connected together and triggered by a DV-PIR motion sensor to play the UnLiving Portraits videos on 3 portrait framed LCD screens. Click on the picture to be linked to the YouTube page for the full goulish video.

Museum ENTER, Solothurn, Switzerland
15 DV-S1 Sprite media players are installed at Switzerland's Museum ENTER of information technology.  Several Sprites are triggered to play their media by push-button switches or DV-PIR1 motion sensors while others are free running.  All Sprites play either video and/or audio media to enhance visitors' experiences of the exhibits.

BAFTA, London, UK
Sprite media players are used extensively at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts to provide interactive exhibition displays for visitors and students.  Here Sprite players drive small projectors and LCD displays showing clips of recent film and television productions.

Image © BAFTA/Helen Warburton

Green's Windmill & Science Centre, Nottingham, UK
A Sprite DV-S1 media player is used with a LCD display and push-button switch to enable visitors to view and listen to a video of how the 19th century Green's Windmill works by using wind power to turn grain into flour.

Image © Green's Windmill.

Leading gaming machine manufacturer, UK

Many hundreds of Sprite media players have been supplied by Garland Digital to a leading manufacturer of gaming machines in the UK.  A Sprite player is built into each machine to generate advertising and promotional media to the machine's LCD display.

Escape Rooms
Sprite media players are used extensively by Escape Room designers and operators to provide video and/or audio messages and clues to the players trapped in the room. 
The interactive Sprite media player is ideal for this application as it can easily be set up without programming knowledge to be triggered by a micro-switch, motion sensor, Hydra I/O expander or serial codes from the room's main control system. A lighting and effects desk can also control Sprite + Hydra combinations with the standard DMX control language.

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