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The Sprite® and Sprite® 4K interactive digital media players are designed and built for demanding applications such as information display, automated announcements, interactive entertainment and digital signage in museums, heritage centres, art galleries and themed visitor attractions.  With no moving parts, they are a low-cost, reliable replacement for aging DVD and obsolete LaserDisc players.

Sprite plays ultra high definition, high definition and standard definition digital video and high quality digital audio continuously and seamlessly or under control via a push-button switch, a PIR motion sensor or by serial control data.  The Sprite is easy to set up via its remote control and on-screen menu and does not require any programming. Video and audio media files are stored on and played from a standard USB memory stick or SD memory card inserted into the Sprite.

The interactive capabilities of the Sprite can be dramatically increased by connecting the Hydra Input / Output expander unit. The Hydra enables the Sprite to accept up to 25 push-button switch inputs, up to 8 outputs that drive relays, LEDs, etc. and DMX512 – the industry standard for professional lighting and effects control.

Garland Digital Ltd. is an authorised distribution partner for MedeaWiz Inc, manufacturer of the Sprite® and Sprite® 4K digital media players and accessories.

Sprite® and MedeaWiz® are Registered Trade Marks of MedeaWiz Inc.

DV-BBS1 IR break-beam sensorDV-BBS1 IR break-beam sensor
An infra-red break-beam sensor for use with the Sprite® media players.  Trigger the Sprite to play a video or audio media file when the IR beam is broken.  Ideal for amusement rides, haunted house…
£80.00 + VAT
DV-IOA 3.5mm jack to screw terminal I/O adapter DV-IOA 3.5mm jack to screw…
A spare 3.5mm jack to screw terminal adapter for the Sprite DV-S1 media player. Every new Sprite DV-S1 media player is supplied with one of these adapters. If you've lost it, broke it, or just n…
£4.00 + VAT
DVS1-RC replacement remote controller for Sprite playerDVS1-RC replacement remote…
A replacement remote controller for the Sprite DV-S1 media player. Every new Sprite player comes with this remote controller.
£9.00 + VAT
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